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​​​​​​​Senior Schooling Curriculum

Our Senior School philosophy is based on students having a pathway of choice.  By utilising our diverse subject offerings to shape the learning journey, we are certain we can accommodate and meet the diverse needs of our students.  We are proud that we have 100% of students attain a QCE and have some of the best Tertiary Entrance results in the region.

Our Senior phase of education begins in Year 10 as our students "Step Up" into Senior Secondary using this foundational year as an opportunity to plan their destination.  Throughout this full year of learning, students will study core subjects English, Maths and Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways. 

In Year 11 and 12, we partner with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority to offer subjects and programs that accrue credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education.

There are 3 types of subjects :

General - Authorised by the QCAA and are typically chosen by students who wish to obtain an ATAR and go on to further study at university.

Applied - Also authorised by the QCAA, however, are more aligned to a Vocational pathway.

VET - Vocational Education and Training programs that are delivered in Certificate format.  These subjects can be included in both University and Vocational pathways, however, are typically more suited to students who wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible.

In the senior school, students select six subjects from the following group of General, Applied or Vocational Educational Subjects (VET).

All students must select an English subject if they wish to attain an ATAR. 

General Subjects

Aerospace Systems, Agricultural Science, Ancient History, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design, Drama, Economics, English, English & Literature Extension  (Year 12 only), Literature, Film Television & new Media,  Health, Japanese, Marine Science, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Modern History, Music, Physics, Visual Art.

Applied Subjects

Viual Arts in Practice, Dance in Practice, Drama in Practice, Science in Practice, Aquatic Practices, Engineering Skills, Essential English,  Essential Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Fashion, Furnishing Skills,  Social and Community Studies, Sport and Recreation, Tourism Studies.

Vocational Education Certificates

Certificate I in AgriFood Operations, Certificate I in Animal Studies, Certificate II in Business,  Certificate II in Rural Operations, Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate II in Manufacturing Technology, Certificate  II in Creative Industries and Certificate III in Live Production & Services,  Certificate III in Active Volunteering, Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, Certificate II in Kitchen operations, Certificate III Fitness, Certificate II in Retail Services.

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (Including a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways), Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue), Certificate II in Aviation (remote pilot) are delivered in partnership with other Registered Training Organisations.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

The opportunity also exists for students to complete a School-Based traineeship or apprenticeship.  These are Certificate III level qualifications and allow the student to attend the workplace one day a week in paid employment.

Senior Timetable

The timetable is based on a five-day cycle with a four period day.

 Year 10 students study 6 subjects, including 3 core: English, Mathematic and Certificate II - Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways (VSW).  Some select students may have the opportunity to participate in our Extension Philosophy or STEM program  throughout this course.

 Year 11 students complete 2 tutorial sessions each week to focus on and develop their skills in English, Maths, Sciences and Humanities. 

 Year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in a flexible timetable on a Wednesday and/or Thursday.  During this time, students may study independently at home or school, complete work placements or traineeships, participate in part-time work or attend appointments that would normally have interrupted their learning time.

The school also operates a well-developed Student Leadership program, which includes a Senior Convention in Year 12.

Renee Rackley 
 Year 10 Deputy Principal
Stacey Daveson
Year 11/12 Deputy Principal
Senior Schooling
Patty Riley 
Head of Department
Senior Schooling

Head of Year

Alison Rexa
Year 10

Anne Collingwood
Year 10
Mal McDonald
Year 11
Lisa Fowler
Year 11

Murray Gordon 
Year 12
Year 12

Year Level Coordinators

Fiona Young 
Year 10
Bernard Weekes
Fiona Young
Year 11
Sarah Thornley 
Year 12

Senior Learning Enhancement Leader

Murray Gordon 

Success Coach

Karyn Bartholomai

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