Year Level Coordinators


Heads of Department 

​Junior Secondary

Learning Enhancement​

Olivia Smyth​

Murray Gordon​

Olivia Smyth

Murray Gordon

Junior Secondary Year Level Co-ordinators​ ​ ​

Blake Pattenden

Bridge Muir

   Blake Pattenden

        Matt Patrick

        Bridge Muir

           ​Year 7

            Year 8​

           Y​ear 9​​

Senior Secondary Year Level Co-ordinators​ ​ ​ ​

Fiona Young

Bernard Weekes

     Fiona Young 

   Bernard Weekes

    Sarah Thornley

       Year 10

          Y​ear 11

          Year 12​


The Year Level Coordinator is crucial in developing the culture of the school based on the School Vision.

This includes:

  • Developing a positive school ethos and culture 
  • Engendering an atmosphere of courtesy, cooperation and concern is present in the year level
  • Ensuring students are dressed according to policy 
  • Relating discussions and behaviour to the vision
  • Ensuring relevant policies are known, understood and implemented

The position is primarily one of welfare for students in each year level. It will provide continuity of contact for students and their families through the six years of schooling:

  • Maintaining a smooth transition through year levels 
  • Ensuring students are able to feel safe and comfortable and want to come to school 
  • Developing a relationship of mutual trust with students 
  • Nurturing a sense of belonging to the home group, year level and school 
  • Creating a sense of fun where appropriate 
  • Fostering a supportive relationship with parents 
  • Engaging in activities to increase commitment to the activity and ethos of this school

Specific responsibilities of a Year Level Coordinator are: 

Absenteeism and Truancy

  • Follow up on unexplained absences each day and issue consequences
  • Work with year level team on student attendance policy 
  • Inform teachers of outcomes 
  • Supervise consequence room, and support positive choices


  • Meeting and greeting new students 
  • Being first point of contact for families (referral of issues from there) 
  • Management of student concerns eg settling in, family circumstances, friends, provision of work 
  • Compliance with student accountabilities 
  • Develop a positive school ethos and culture 
  • Facilitate year level assemblies 

Conduct weekly Year Level Assemblies to: 

  • To positively promote student engagement in the complete range of school community activities 
  • Recognising achievements and positive school contributions 
  • Promote compliance with school policy and procedures
  • Working with other Year Level Coordinators to develop pastoral care programs 
  • Implementing a rewards program and promote student engagement in the range of school activities 
  • Liaising with relevant staff regarding issues of concern, especially teachers, HODs, DP, and the welfare team
  • Managing minor harassment issues and referrals 

As part of the Year Level Team, other YLC duties include:

Behaviour/Industry Management

  • Generate confidential reports to support positive student behaviour and progress in all subject faculties 
  • Manage student referrals
  • Some case management following regular year level management meetings 
  • Inform teachers of concerns and outcomes 


  • Enforcing uniform policy and procedures 
  •  Follow up on incorrect uniform 

Line Management

  • Attend year level meetings each three weeks with year level team (Year Level Coordinator, HODs, DP) 
  • Coordinate year level activities with relevant HOD and Deputy

Specific Year Level Duties

  • HODs and DP’s to determine these for each of the year levels

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