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Students with additional needs

Head of Special Education Services
Cooroy Campus teachers
5472 2257

Janet Browne Dean McMaster Rosie Emerson
Duke of Edinburgh program
Rob Gibbs Sue Harrold ​Karen Johnson
Learning support Maths​ ​Case manager year 11&12
Pomona Campus Teachers 

  ​Leighann Finlay Mellanie Collier
Support Services assists the students that require educational adjustments to access school curriculum.

This includes students with disabilities

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders; Physical Impairment, VisualImpairment, Hearing Impairment, Speech/Language Impairment
  • acquired brain injuries
  • learning difficulties
  • aboriginal/Torres Strait identity
  • a non-English speaking background (in Australia less than 4 years)
  • specific medical issues
  • students who find school challenging

Cooroy Campus Teacher Aides
5472 2257


Gaylene Williams

Bettina Hetherton Sandra O'Connor
Daren Styles Peter Bradford       

Pomona Campus Teacher Aides
5480 8111
Indigenous Liaison Officer
5472 2257
Case Managers
Case Managers stay with the same group of students in Junior Secondary.  Then students will receive a new case manager in Senior school.
Case managers are allocated to students with a verified disability.  It is the role of Year Level Coordinator to manage all other students.
Please inform the case manager of any concerns, change of circumstance etc
Support Services Programs
S Classes (Support Classes)
These classes are specifically for students to access a curriculum area at the year level (age content appropriate) they are able to engage in successfully.
These students will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
Reporting will reflect year level students are learning at.
Classes are normally capped around 8 students with extra Teacher aide support in Literacy and Numeracy e.g. A student in Yr 9 may have an ILP that shows working at Year 4 for Eng and Year 7 Numeracy.
X Classes (Extra Support Classes)
These classes are specifically for students who can achieve successfully at their year level but need extra adjustments and scaffolding to do so.
Access to this class is by invitation and for students serious on improving their grades. Participation in this class is reviewed each term.  Classes normally capped at 15.
Duke of Edinburgh
X Classes Expressions of interests from any student in the school who wants to join this program
Yr 10 – Bronze Award
Yr 11 – Silver Award
Yr 12 – Gold Award
Students must pay their individual registration at the start of each year to make them eligible to receive the award.
Each year level group capped at 14.

Duke of Edinburgh

S Classes Specifically targeting students who require more time to achieve competency level
Yr 10 – Bridging Award
Yr 11/12 (combination)  – Bronze Award – 2 years to complete
NB Students in Yr 10 accessing Duke of Edinburgh will be in lieu of SOSE and Science
Individual Timetables
A student is able to access any mix of classes in their year level according to this capability, interest etc. i.e. mix of mainstream, x class, s class
There is flexibility to move up and down a learning ladder