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Ancient History

“Not to know what happened before one
was born is always to be a child.”  - Cicero – 1st Century BC.  
Students of Ancient History will explore the causes and effects of significant past events, the impact of the life and work of major personalities on history, and the historical origins of political, social and economic institutions.   Studying Ancient History can help students live more effectively as global citizens, assisting them to live purposefully, ethically and happily with others.  Students must be able to make wise decisions and studying history can help them develop the knowledge, skills and values needed to make those decisions.  Through studying history, students should be more ready to cope with the present, and to influence the future.
Course Content
Senior Ancient History is arranged in a series of themed or study areas.
  • Archaeology – the development of methodology and investigation over time and how this has contributed to our understanding of past societies.
  • Pharaonic Power in Egypt- a detailed study of the role of the pharaoh and Egyptian culture.
  • Funerary Practices- how the evidence of funerary practices of ancient cultures reveals much about the lives of ancient peoples.much about the lives of ancient peoples.
  • Changing Practices in Society and Government in the Greek World - the contribution of individuals and the significant political, social, cultural and economic forces that shaped the development of cultures in Greece.shaped the development of cultures in Greece.
  • Political Structures – focuses on the growth of democracy in Ancient Greece and the political structures of Ancient Rome.political structures of Ancient Rome.
  • Personalities in History – how the philosophers, artists, reformers, revolutionaries, politicians, kings, queens, religious leaders, soldiers, writers and dramatists shaped politicians, kings, queens, religious leaders, soldiers, writers and dramatists shaped the ancient world.the ancient world.
  • Everyday Lives of People in the Ancient World – a closer look at the cultures of ancient civilizations.ancient civilizations.
  • Europe in Transition - the significant political, social, cultural and economic forces that shaped Medieval Europe.
  • Whenever special events come to the Queensland Museum, Ancient History students are invitted to attend excursions.
  • Students in Year 11 attend an archaelogogical dig at the Abbey Museum, Caboolture to complete their studies of Archaeology unit
  • Both Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to attend excursionsto  University of Queensland Library in Brisbane each year to assist them with their research. 
  • Archaeologist
  • Sociologist
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Museum Technician
  • Historian
Head of Department
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Last reviewed 08 March 2019