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Drama is a craft that has been developed
over more than two thousand years. Drama is concerned with living, with human behaviour and the human condition. As a learning experience, drama is unique. Most of what we learn in life comes to us second-hand: books, TV, films,newspapers and magazines, or from the things other people tell us. Drama how-ever, is firsthand experience of a special kind. Simply by the use of imagination, we can become different people in different situations, sharing experiences we would otherwise never have. Drama allows us to experience what it feels like to be a different person, to perceive the world through someone else’s eyes. For this process to work effectively, the use of imagination must be combined together with a number of techniques, skills, resources and facts. The study of drama is about learning life skills, not just acting skills.
Course Content
Over the course of Year 7 and 8, students will embark upon a journey that will take them places they never imagined going. Students will learn a range of skills including:
• Building self esteem and confidence
• Learn to work in teams and how to build trust
• Develops speaking, thinking, listening and presenting skills
• Create performances in a range of styles
Students do tasks around creating, presenting and reflecting.
The theme for Year 7 is “Drama is Real” where students will learn basic mime and acting skills techniques. In year 8 the theme is “Clowning Around” where students learn about circus skills and clowning techniques.
Special features
Students will get the opportunity to review travelling
shows that do presentations at the school. There is the
Arts Expo where students present their drama acts
to parents and other students.
We have a range of other school activities such as Talent
Quests, drama competitions and Orientation Days where
they can perform.
Film, Television and Radio Careers
Stage Manager
Theatre Technician
Designers- make-up, costume, set
Events Management
Head of Department

Rebecca Cullen Talitha Phillips​