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Design and make

Design and Make is a subject that aims to
develop higher order thinking, communication and problem solving in students.  Students will use these newly developed skills to develop solutions to problems.
Course Content
In Year 8 students will be learning how to work effectively in small groups and communicate ideas clearly using different methods. Their first unit is ‘The egg drop’ where they need to design, make, test and evaluate a device that will prevent an egg braking when dropped from a height of four meters. Their second task is the ‘boomerang’ unit. Students evaluate an existing design and compare it to a criteria. They then need to design, make, test and evaluate their own boomerang. This unit has a strong focus on Aboriginal technology and improving existing products.
Design and Make is a fun, hands on subject that incorporates critical and creative
thinking in both year levels.  The subject takes advantage of the natural inquisitiveness and the wild imaginations of junior secondary students and is enjoyed by students of all different learning styles.
Special Features
Explicit teaching and a focus on higher order thinking and problem solving.
Students are given a range of choices to customise what they learn and how they learn. Design and Make contains a mix of individual and group tasks which develop collaboration and communication. Students get a mixture of learning environments. Students get to use design classrooms for planning, woodwork and metal work classrooms for the manufacture of their projects and also outside in locations around the school for testing and reflecting on their designs.
Fashion Designer
Audio/Video Production
Commercial Photography
Graphic Design and Technology Illustration
Printing and Imaging Technology 
Head of Department

​Matthew Patrick