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Year 12 Final Artwork for 2017



A Plethora of Flux - a culmination of the student's two major bodies of work were used in the assessment are now on exhibition.

The five students work displayed are an example of the high standard of artwork produced by our Noosa District State High School students.



 Jess Sayer

Do you feel uncomfortable?
Being exposed and hassled by soldiers has become the everyday life of innocent civilians in the Middle East. Having weapons pointed at you for walking down the stret, being shot at for being in your own home.
Now That's uncomfortable.
Don't Like it? Well they just have to get used to it.
Wake up to your privilege of living in this country.
​ ​

Emily Arch
Our mind travels through millions of thoughts, feeling and emotions daily revealing curiosity, beauty and intellect; answering questions that were never even asked but created. These can be anything from lightbulb moments to senseless wondering thoughts you may not even be aware of. There are few limits within our mind, the possibilities are endless within our imagination. If we allow ourselves the time and space, our mind has the ability to travel into places free of reality and judgement. Our thoughts can be messy, negative, sophisticated, eye-opening or sometimes just pointless. Although with the plethora and flux of our busy minds, we often obscure the opportunity to embrace light globe moments. Light globe moments can often get smothered or lost with the reality of our lives. Light globe moments are moments of brilliance and beauty but are become lost within the flux of life. 
​ ​
​ ​
  Jye Bunter
 Notable progressions (and regressions) in human history such as the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, or the Communist movement, display very little fluctuation other than the development and dependence on combat technology. Human nature works in a way that has so far never allowed for complete peace.
The blame is often passed on to various factors, in each instance of serious conflict; culture, religion, beliefs and economic status. All of these factors are exclusive to the human species, and while our cities and culture may develop over time, war remains the same black and white violation of our self-appointed human rights. We are now on a downwards spiral, through growing political paranoia, distrust and an increase in the development of weapons of nuclear warfare – it is only a matter of time before war escalates to a point where humanity triggers its own downfall.
​ ​
Animals crouched in foetal positions, their DNA exposed, manipulated and exploited by mankind, all contained within a circle symbolising the petri dishes where organisms are grown in science labs,
Animals place in today’s world is black and white, they are a commodity to be maximised for profit.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Machines taking over labour jobs and blue colla work is a change that is currently happening with advances in technologyt, but with recent advances in Artifical intelligence, computers, what other kind of work could become a machine's jo0b in the future?

It has been speculated that one significant profession that could soon be taken over by artifical intellegence is the job of lawyers. But could this open the door to other jobs related to justice becoming occupied by machines and what are the moral implications of this?