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Breathe Program

Breathe Program
​Noosa District State High School students were guided through breathing techniques with The Breathe Project's Kat Tucker and Bodhi Whitaker, who ran a practical session on alleviating stress and anxiety.

The students were taught how to belly breathe and how to control their thoughts, feelings and emotions through breath.

"Our breathing techniques can help people who have trouble sleeping at night, others find it useful when faced with challenging or stressful situations," Ms Whitaker said.
Ms Tucker and Mr Whitaker are certified teachers of pranayama (breathwork) and yoga and started up The Breathe Project as it was something that they both wished that they had the opportunity to learn in school.

"We want kids to thrive, not just survive," Mr Whitaker said.
Stress and anxiety at school is an issue for most students at some point during their high schooling, and Ms Tucker, sees The Breathe Project as an important mechanism for empowerment.

Students were encouraged by Ms Tucker and Mr Whitaker to combat their fears of public speaking and to speak to their peers and teachers on the stage about specific situations where the breathing techniques could be best implemented.
The students and teachers in the audience created a supportive and positive atmosphere for sharing.

Some students suggested that belly breaths could be used prior to tackling assessment or public speaking and others said that being mindful of breaths could help to diffuse anger, rage and cattiness in difficult or confronting situations.

The students found the sessions very useful and powerful and were surprised at how something as simple as breathing can change perceptions and one's overall outlook on life.